The free WP Themes can be very impressive at first glance. However, whether you have a blog, website or both, moving onto a custom WP Theme can open up a door to new features and benefits that are not available through with their default themes. Upgrading to a custom theme can improve your whole WordPress design.

A Closer Look at Custom WP Themes

Custom WP themes are usually created from WordPress premium themes. These premium themes are paid for unlike the default themes that are free. These custom themes can have a dramatic impact on your WordPress design and overall appearance. When you move up to a custom theme you are getting a whole package that has improved coding and features. These types of improvements attract visitors and the higher quality coding allows for better traffic. Usually custom themes are very sleek and clean in appearance. Another huge benefit to these themes is that you don’t need prior experience in coding to update your WordPress design.

Benefits of Custom WP Themes

There are a number of benefits to using a custom WP theme as your WordPress design. Premium, customized themes improve your website without necessarily making more work for you. For example, by updating your WordPress design to a custom one you can really boost your SEO capabilities. Premium WP themes are built to handle SEO requirements and will pretty much take care of that aspect themselves. By taking advantage of this you only have to focus on killer content.

Another thing search engines, and viewers, love is a fast website. Your WordPress design will benefit from clean coding which in turn helps your website load more quickly. Having your pages and posts run more quickly increases your conversion rates and SEO capabilities. The default WP themes are fairly quick but you will notice a huge difference after upgrading to a custom WP theme.

When you upgrade to a custom theme you have your own advertising spots located on the website ready to use. These ads can quickly help monetize your website and really make a difference. Your WordPress design will choose the ideal location for these ads though you can usually change where they are depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Regardless of what niche your blog or website encompasses, there is no doubt you know the power of social media networking. Custom WordPress design will allow for more efficient and productive social media sharing abilities. You can implement floating “share” boxes and other tools throughout which really drive people to share your content on social media website.

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