Code 96 WordPress Design has released our newest plugin, Genesis Easy Columns.  The plugin is available for download from within the plugin repository.  This plugin provides added functionality for WordPress users, and takes advantage of the Genesis Framework column classes.

Columns are often necessary to control content in your WordPress design, and many people are frustrated trying to develop the necessary CSS to produce effective columns.  The Genesis Easy Columns plugin makes this as easy as clicking a button.  Our plugin adds several column buttons to the WordPress editor, which can be accessed when creating or updating a page or post.

Genesis Easy Columns

The buttons insert the necessary shortcodes directly into your editor, and you no longer need to remember any HTML, CSS or shortcodes to add columns to your page or post.  The Genesis Easy Column plugin takes care of the work, and gives you an intuitive interface to add columns to your WordPress design.  The easy add buttons can be viewed below, and are available for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-column functionality.  If you hover over the easy insert buttons, the functionality will be visible to the user.

After a user clicks the Genesis Easy Columns buttons, the shortcode will automatically be inserted into your page and post.  The shortcode for a two-column layout is as follows:


You will simply insert your column content as follows:

[one-half-first]First column content goes here.[/one-half-first][one-half]Second column content goes here.[/one-half]

Next, simply publish your page or post and the comments will be formatted for Genesis users that already have the column classes within their themes CSS.

** If you are not a Genesis Framework User, we have included the necessary CSS within the plugin file- simply copy the included CSS code into your themes CSS.

If you have any questions or feedback about our plugin, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Also, if you have a minute- check out our WordPress Themes.

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  1. Hi,
    I just installed your easy columns plug-in for Genesis.I am using the Prose child theme and it isn’t working for me. I clicked the button and it inserted the short code, then I entered my info but it doesn’t put it in columns when I preview it. I have no idea what I am doing wrong since everyone else seems to be able to get it to work!

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

    • Daphne,

      I looked at your site, and did not see the CSS in your stylesheet that is required to format the columns. If you visit the plugin settings page, you can enable the optional CSS to format the columns. Let me know if you have any further questions.



  2. I installed this put the css in the right spot… and it works except for the clear fix does not clear the column… clear fix line does work but I don’t want the line…
    I gave the link above….

      • The clear was not working on the 3 column layout but works fine on the 2… but I just put a bunch of extra lines until it wrapped to one column automatically….

  3. I am using this for another blog and it works perfectly — thank you!

    Can I use it in a footer? I need to create 4 columns in a footer for a customer. There are several plugins out there but nothing that is just right. Like I imagine this would be!

    Thank you.

  4. hi i cant seem to get the columns to format correctly. i copied the CSS and put that in my child-theme’s CSS file but the columns show up beneath each other, like if i were hitting the Enter key after each word. suggestions?

  5. This is a child mock up site on a multisite network. I followed your directions including adding the column-style.css file to the theme’s CSS folder. And attempted to create two columns under the image on this page:

    I followed the process above:
    [one-half-first]First column content goes here.[/one-half-first][one-half]Second column content goes here.[/one-half]

    But no luck. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

      • Matt – This worked! Thanks for stepping me through the process. Was doing too much when a couple of steps sufficed. Thanks for the prompt attention to my email. Dan

  6. Hi, I’m using GEC. on the about page and it’s all good on computers. However on devices such as iphone my type runs on top into the image. Is there a fix for this. Thank you,

  7. Hi, I’m new to WordPress and found your plug in to be great. I’ve used it to split a page into three columns, but I’d like to give each column a side border. Is it doable? Did I just invent a word?

  8. Hi, I’m trying to use your plugin, which is about the closest thing I can get to columns for my excerpted posts.

    However, the issue is that instead of going into columns, they post like normal posts. I know this plugin works with shortcodes, but is there a way to duplicate this without the use of it, since you can’t put shortcodes in .php files?

    • Nama,

      The columns are controlled via CSS, so you could manually insert the code that the shortcodes are generating.

  9. Dear Matt,
    Something seems not to work. Can you see what the problem is? I don’t know how I can get the CSS in the stylesheet. Can you please help me?

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