A backlink is a reference from the referring site to an external domain.

  • Many SEO professionals rate backlinks as one of the most important sources of ranking authority.
  • Backlinks have the ability to pass authority also known as “link juice” from the referring domain.

SEO Backlinks

Backlinks are an important factor for achieving high rankings and popularity within the major search engines.  Backlinks are considered an independent vote on the quality of your website, and therefore backlinks hold significant weight with the major search engines.  Backlinks are weighted heavily because this factor is not easily manipulated and generally comes from independent sources.

Modern search engines use several factors to determine the explicit value of each backlink that points to your site.  Some of these factors include.

  • Trustworthiness of the linking site
  • Popularity of the referring site
  • Relevancy of the content when compared to the referring site and the domain
  • Anchor Text used in the backlink
  • Number of domains that link to the specific page
  • Variations of anchor text used on various backlinks
  • Relationship between the domains

In addition to the aforementioned SEO backlink factors, backlinks are also weighted heavily for two primary reasons:

1. Backlink Popularity

Various other factors are difficult for search engines to accurately measure, backlinks are a more stable indicator of popularity and easier to measure.  Backlinks are a powerful measurement of a site or pages popularity, and are used by the major search engines when determining relevant content when displaying search results.

2. Backlink Relevancy

Backlinks have many factors that provide evidence of relevancy to the various search engines.  This factor is created by the general nature of the creation of backlinks.  A backlinks anchor text is generally created by humans and used to guide users to useful content.  The anchor text can vary from short phrases such as “WordPress Design” to the use of the sites name.  Anchor texts that match site keywords may be particularly valuable when determining the relevance of such backlinks.

SEO Backlink- Code Sample

<a href="http://www.domain.com/" title="backlink anchor text">Backlink Anchor Text</a>

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