WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS), and many businesses have come to rely on this powerful CMS.  WordPress allows the user to easily add or modify content without the need for a web designer.  There are various techniques available for use on your WordPress design, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your WordPress design.

Building an Effective Layout

It is imperative that you center your WordPress design around your target end user.  You want to create a user-friendly WordPress design that is easy to navigate and has a clear call to action. This will improve the user experience on your site, and in turn will result in more sales.

When you first get started on your WordPress design, you need to think about your target audience.  Your site should be organized, have clear and concise navigation, and images should be strategically used throughout your site.  This will all come naturally if you target your WordPress design around your audience.

Last, take some time and test your site.  Ask your friends, family, employees, strangers, etc. to test your site and give you positive feedback.  If you do not have the time or resources to test your site, you can always test out multiple page design and get an idea of which users prefer.

Selecting a Color Scheme

There are many things to consider in your WordPress design, and your sites color scheme is very important.  You must select appropriate colors that will enhance the quality of your site.  Colors are very powerful in your WordPress design, and they have the ability to influence user perception of your site.  Colors can set a mood, turn someone off, or make the sale.  Choose colors carefully, select colors that represent your WordPress design, and make sure your colors complement one another.

Main Page Slider

Sliders have become very popular on all types of sites, and they provide a fun interactive feature to your home page.  There are several important factors to consider when deciding on incorporating a slider into your WordPress design.  The first thing you must ask yourself is, What value will this bring to my customer?  Once you can answer this, you will know if a slider is necessary for your WordPress design.

A slider provides a fun and interactive feature that can present several slides of content to your user from a single point on your site.  There are several features that are standard in most sliders: navigation arrows, pagination buttons, and a slide transition duration.  With the increasing popularity of sliders, users have come to expect these features.  Make certain that you set an appropriate transition time based upon the time needed to read each slide in your WordPress design.

Sidebar Layout

Page layouts are a very popular feature in WordPress, and you can quickly add sidebars and dramatically change the look of your pages.  The Genesis Framework has several standard page layouts, and makes use of sidebars in these layouts.  Sidebars can be used effectively in your WordPress design, but we have seen many instances where they are overused.  If you have content to present to your users, and a sidebar would be effective- do it!  Otherwise, a sidebar may often be overlooked by your visitor, and you should put your most important content in the page or post body.

Consider Your Form Layout

Form layout seems like a simple process in your WordPress design, and this step is often overlooked.  Your forms are the gateway between you and your users.  A simple, effective, and easy to use form is necessary to make certain your user will take the time to fill it out.  We recommend keeping it simple, easy to understand, and short and sweet.  Try a few different forms designs, and see what works for you.

WordPress Design Form

WordPress has become an effective business platform and is steadily increasing in popularity.  Website owners are tired of paying web designers for minor changes on traditional html sites.  A simple and creative WordPress design is necessary to the success of your business, and you should make certain that your site is following WordPress design best practices.

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