WordPress design has evolved along with traditional web design throughout the years.  Designs have gone through many phases from text based to Flash, and now performance and design seem to be at the forefront.  WordPress design is a mixture of performance, creativity, and functionality.  Here are some trends that may be expected in 2013.

Responsive WordPress Design

The days of having maintaining two sites for your desktop and mobile users are coming to an end.  WordPress design has begun to include a responsive layout that will display your site on any device.  This responsive design is accomplished through CSS and can be easily implemented onto your WordPress design.  Your users will have an optimized view of your site from their computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.

Responsive WordPress Design

Fixed Headers

Headers are instrumental to most sites, and we have seen a variety of header designs.  However, our headers are often left behind as the user scrolls down your pages.  The use of the CSS fixed property will fix your header to the users screen.  This has the ability to enhance your WordPress Design, and provide a better user experience.  This also has the ability to reduce bounce rates, as your users will always have navigation options handy.

WordPress Fixed Header

One-Page Designs

WordPress design usually includes multiple pages, but many sites are opting for the one-page design.  This design technique creates a unique platform for displaying your content.  These sites are typically designed in conjunction with a JQuery scroll, and the results are very appealing.  While the typical one-page design lacks a lot of content, it makes up for it in an innovative design.

Check out OnePageLove.com for inspiration!

One Page WordPress Design

Mobile Navigation

Often used in conjunction with a mobile responsive WordPress design, designers often create a different navigation menu to server to their mobile users.  The standard navigation menu in a mobile responsive design has the ability to use a lot of real estate on mobile devices.  A mobile navigation can solve this problem and server mobile users a minimal or dropdown navigation menu.

WordPress Mobile Dropdown Menu

Large Photo Design

The use of large photos in WordPress design will continue to increase, and is often found in the one-page designs.  The large photos create unique design elements, and give site owners the ability to show off high quality images.  These images may change as users scroll down your site, and careful selection will ultimately determine your sites success using this technique.

Large Image WordPress Design

Final Thoughts

WordPress design is focused on you or your customer, and it is important to have an understanding of current design trends.  It is important to create a functional site that is visually appealing.  These design trends will help you offer more to your clients or yourself.  As always Code 96 is available for your custom WordPress Design.

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