WordPress has a huge number of advantages that really make it one of the best website and blog platforms available today. WordPress SEO benefits are one of their biggest attractions to those creating websites and blogs. You can harness the WordPress SEO benefits with little SEO knowledge and without using any SEO plug-ins which can be confusing and time-consuming.

Create URLs Search Engines Love

One of the biggest ways WordPress SEO can really improve your rankings is through the ability to create your own URL structure or Permalinks. For every individual page you can create a permalink that is structured with keywords and phrases which suit you. Search engines do in fact read URLs when ranking so this is a very important tool.

Effective Default Themes and Coding

WordPress has awesome default themes that are customizable and flexible. These themes load quickly and WordPress has them set up with clean coding. Clean coding means that search engines will be able to more effectively rank your website. Google does in fact take speed and clean coding into high consideration. WordPress SEO is pretty much already set up when using their default themes.

As mentioned before, search engines love clean coding. The creators of the WordPress themes are excellent at what do. Clean coding does have a big effect on SEO. When your website has clean codes displayed it increases your overall website speed. Clean coding not only offers a better user experience but will allow the search bots to do their job more efficiently.

Tags and Categories

WordPress SEO allows you to tag your posts. This tagging system does two things: improves your website navigation and helps search engines find all of your website’s internal pages more easily. You can even tag your homepage which can really help search engine spiders. Another way WordPress SEO allows for better website organization is through their categorization method.

This is especially important if you have a blog with many posts. WordPress SEO has created a categorization method that will organize your posts and pages. With these categories you can implement keywords into the names themselves. As mentioned before, you can change the permalinks to these categories to really improve your SEO. WordPress SEO allows for multiple keywords and phrases when using this method.

Optimize Your Pictures

One of the coolest WordPress SEO techniques you can implement is the ability to optimize your images for search engines. You can title your images and also add captions. Search engines love this type of information. Pictures that have imbedded information in the title, caption and URL will index very well in search engines.

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