Which one are you?

Web Hosting is an important decision and should not be taken lightly.  Code 96 WordPress Design recommends several hosting plans that are sure to fit any budget. We have extensive experience and are here to help you find the best WordPress hosting. If you’re switching from another web host, we can guide you through the process of switching without ANY downtime.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is generally used when someone is just getting started, or running a smaller WordPress site that requires fewer resources.  The shared WordPress Hosting plans are generally simple to operate, offered at a reduced cost, and easy to get started.  Most shared WordPress hosting provider’s offer one click WordPress installation, and have technical support staff with extensive WordPress knowledge.

Shared WordPress hosting is as it sounds, you will share a server with several to hundreds of other websites.  There are various pros and cons to this type of hosting.  These shared WordPress Hosting plans are generally cheaper, but you may have unethical sites sharing the server that your site is hosted on.  You will share the same IP address as the other sites that share you server.  Although it has been stated by SEO professionals that your site is not penalized for shared hosting, this is a volatile subject within the SEO community.  If you think shared WordPress hosting is for you check the following hosting providers: Shared WordPress Hosting.

WordPress VPS Hosting

WordPress VPS Hosting is generally the next step up from shared hosting, as it provides enhanced capabilities to handle sites with increased traffic loads.  VPS or Virtual Private Server gives you the ability to own your own portion of a server with a distinct IP address.  WordPress VPS Hosting will give your site the appearance of hosting from a dedicated server that is not shared with anyone else.

With WordPress VPS Hosting you are allocated a portion of the server resources, and you will not have to share your portion of the resources with anyone else.  This will give you piece of mind, and you will know that you have enough resources to handle traffic spikes.  WordPress VPS Hosting is generally more expensive than compared hosting, but you are getting a more efficient host to house your site.  If you think WordPress VPS Hosting is for you check out the following hosting providers: WordPress VPS Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is a newer hosting technology that is centered on WordPress.  The servers have been optimized around WordPress, and this had created advanced WordPress hosting environments for serious WordPress users.  Managed WordPress Hosting sites load exceptionally fast, the hosting company will handle the upgrades, and WordPress security is a number one priority.  These companies employ WordPress experts, and you can expect expert advice if you have any technical issues.

Managed WordPress Hosting is generally more expensive than shared WordPress hosting and WordPress VPS Hosting, but you are paying for the most advanced hosting technology for WordPress.  Generally when using this type of hosting you relinquish control of your server to the hosting company, as they will optimize it based upon your needs.  If you think Managed WordPress Hosting is for you check out the following hosting providers: Managed WordPress Hosting.